About us

As a key goal of Jani, Petra also focused on supporting local industry to help promote and give back to farmers and other small producers of ingredients that could be used in the products. Jani also encourages recycling and reuse of all packaging and refill stations will be set up for clients to minimize our impact on the environment.

After a year or research, development and testing as well as significant investment into automating the production of Jani, the products launched in December 2022.

Jani carries out all testing as required by Kenyan standards and we also adhere to our own internal standards for testing above and beyond the government standards to ensure our quality is not compromised at any time.

Jani’s name comes from the Swahili word Majani meaning leaves.


Our Vision

To become the number one Kenyan cosmetic range and support a significant number of small scale Kenyan businesses while also respecting our environment by using recyclable materials for all our range of products.

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Our Mission

To build a world class cosmetic line for consumers globally by ensuring that we design and produce highly attractive and enjoyable products, ensure our quality is impeccable at all times and work with Kenyan businesses as partners to grow the Kenyan economy.

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The Team


Jonathan Somen

Managing Director

Born in Kenya, Jonathan is a serial entrepreneur having started his first business in 1994.  Jonathan is best known for his work in the ICT sector in Kenya, founding AccessKenya Group Ltd, Kenya’s leading Internet Service Provider.  His previous experience includes being the Chief Operating Officer of Kilimanjaro Water and his experience in production and manufacturing, as well as his strong leadership in processes, made him the perfect choice to build and run Jani from the beginning.


Petra Somen


Petra has 10 years experience in the beauty industry in Kenya as the Founder & Managing Director of Serenity Spa Ltd, Kenya’s premier day spa.  With her enormous experience in the beauty industry along with many years of previous general business experience, Petra was the driver to build our own local brand to showcase Kenyan ingredients.


David Somen


David has almost 30 years experience running businesses, advising high profile companies and acting as a Director on numerous boards.  He has a wealth of experience and his key focus areas are strategy, finance as well as sales.  Based partly in the UK, his European experience brings added expertise to Jani.


Fred Wachira

Senior Production Supervisor

Fred has been working with Serenity Spa, our sister company, for 5 years in various roles.  Having shown a real interest to be a part of the Jani story, Fred joined Jani in 2022 and was instrumental in starting the initial phases of Jani with production, testing, market feedback and processes.  Fred’s attention to detail makes him the perfect choice to oversee production in Jani.

Our senior team is supported by additional personnel which include other production personnel and also a Quality Assurance Supervisor to oversee all aspects of our quality control.

Natural Derived Products
Free From Toxic Chemical
Not Tested on Animals
Environmentally Friendly
Sustainable Beauty